Recorded Lessons

Recorded lessons

90% of the information that is stored by a human brain is in the form of visuals. Considering this fact, we offer content in the form of video lectures to revise and strengthen your modules in-depth.


An innovative approach for better understanding and engagement via quizzes to analyse your conceptual clarity while listening to the recorded lectures.


For more effective learning and an additional opportunity for self-study, you will have detailed notes made by the educator in sync with the recorded lessons.

Ai Enabled Test Maker

Customized tests

In a few clicks and a little adjustment, you can generate a practice test for the choice of subject, the level of difficulty, the time limit for testing, and much more.

Graded Question Types

Select from the multitude of exam relevant question types - Multiple choice (choose one), multiple choice (choose many), true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, subjective type, essays, and many more.

Instant Grading System

Get summary stats about the score and time taken, along with a chart of scores, improvements, and more.


Mock interview

Access Ai-enabled tests to gear up for consistent and objective assessments of job-relevant data at a much earlier stage.

Experience face to face interviews with Ai

The interviewing tool uses various algorithms to understand data - points from responses and many more parameters to prepare you for the D-Day, including -

  • Cultural Fit and Personality
  • Attention Span
  • Analysis of facial expressions, body language, and gestures
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
Instant Unbiased reports

Get an In-depth analytics on your behaviour and actions. Artificial intelligence conducts a deeper and more thorough analysis and defines the performance of your entire interview.

Frequently asked Questions

We provide a 1:1 personalized wall where you can gain clarity and confidence. You can even get in touch with our educators by sending them a notification on a tap/click so that they get notified instantly. You can take a photo of your question or type it in to get solutions personalized for you by our very own educators.

EduCrack is a Next-Gen EdTech company, that empowers people to follow their dreams by providing them with the best mentors in the industry and unbeatable test series to prepare them for the actual entrance exam. Students get a competitive advantage over others when they plan to chase their dreams.

Yes! At EduCrack we have resources that can get you access to our recorded sessions so that you don't miss out on anything important and you can always feel free to reach out to a faculty member by just notifying them at your fingertips!

Yes! EduCrack has dedicated mock tests that provide a very real simulation of the entrance exam you're preparing for make sure to check out our MBA CAT mock test series at https://educrack.com/mba-entrance.

At EduCrack we have highly dedicated & educated teachers to solve all your problems. Mr. Ajay Jindal has an experience of 15 years of teaching Quantitative Aptitude for CAT and other major exams. He has helped and guided students to prepare and crack different Aptitude Tests. Mr. T. Ram Mohan is a Chartered Accountant by education, an artist by avocation, and a teacher by heart. He has been guiding and mentoring the students for 23 years now. Mr. Priyanshu Kumar is an engineer from the Hindi heartland, Priyanshu has been teaching Quant, DI, and LR for the past 5 years. He himself has taken the CAT and has secured more than 99 percentile. Nirukta Sawant is an Engineer and a lawyer. However, she found her niche in teaching. She has been training students for CAT, CLAT, Banking exams, and Campus Recruitment for the past ten years. She has also coached students in Legal Reasoning for CLAT.

The classes are conducted online via Zoom or other applications/software so that it's comfortable & available for everyone.

Unfortunately, you cannot use a calculator or any electronic device to calculate your mathematical problems in the CLAT exam.

EduCrack’s core competencies lie in not just providing the relevant courses as services but we believe that anyone who is willing to gain knowledge should never be left behind irrespective of their geographical and socioeconomic condition. We offer customized solutions to students based on their actual needs. The solutions offered by EduCrack are completely modular. A student can choose which aspect of the course he wants to join and make the best possible course for him on his own.

The CAT Exam is divided into 3 sections - Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension(VARC), Quantitative Aptitude (QA), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR). There are a total of 66 questions that consist of 70-75% MCQs & 250-30% Non-MCQs.

EduCrack offers courses related to various Entrance Exams like competitive exams of India - MBA Entrance, Law Entrance, Banking Exams, Railways, SSC, English Proficiency, Campus Recruitment, UPSC...etc. We also have expertise in student counseling & career guidance.

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