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Founded in 2006

The Lexicon Group of institutes is an illustrious education hub, with above 15000 students, in Pune. The Lexicon Group is a premier group of institutes redefining education in the sectors of pre-schools, high schools, schools for special students, and postgraduate management studies. Envisioning to incorporate the four pillars of trust, interest, capability, and values, the Lexicon group strives to raise respectable citizens of tomorrow.

Our Newest Venture

Recently, the Lexicon group has introduced its newest venture “EduCrack Pvt Ltd.” into the 200 Billion-dollar EdTech industry with a belief that the Global Education System will go paperless soon.

EduCrack aspires to provide its students an actual classroom environment based on AI-supported teaching offered by world-class educators and learning platforms on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhones.

EduCrack intends to achieve their vision of modernized teaching systems by implementing fraud-free and exam relevant preparation using the latest technological advancements like Ai and ML.

EduCrack aims to prepare students for competitive examinations, professional courses, and also co-curricular courses for the overall development of the prospective students.

It is an EdTech organization which is gamed to offer an immersive online platform that will include animated videos, interactive and engaging games, tests, challenges and live classes with tutors leveraging well-researched and effective lesson plans, slides, quizzes, videos, and games to deliver amazing learning experiences.

EduCrack expects to disrupt the existing ed-tech industry through massive improvements in quality while making it affordable to the average student.

With cutting-edge technologies, a top-notch community of mentors and educators, structured preparation techniques, significant headways, and a highly-engaging platform, EduCrack is all-set to instill brilliance globally.

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