Why You Should Know This Before Appearing for SNAP

Why You Should Know This Before Appearing for SNAP

MBA Entrance | SNAP | 25th October 2022

Why You Should Know This Before Appearing for SNAP

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) conducted by Symbiosis International University is an exceedingly competitive MBA entrance exam. It is a national-level management exam. Thus, to secure a seat in the MBA program at Symbiosis University, one needs an apt preparation strategy as 55000 aspirants compete for 2200+ seats.

SNAP 2022 is an excellent opportunity for aspirants and with the level of difficulty being comparatively lower than that of exams like CAT. Thus, with the right time management and preparation, you can ace this entrance exam.

SNAP 2022 official registration will conclude by November 24, 2022 and the exam will be conducted on the dates December 10, 18 and 23, 2022. And this year some major changes have been introduced in the exam pattern.

First of all, let’s take a look at the highlights of the changes introduced in the exam pattern as it will enable the student to work on their time management as the exam will be conducted in online mode only.

Highlights -

  • The candidate will be assessed based on a 60 marks entrance test.

  • The candidate needs to attempt the answers for 60 MCQ within 60 mins/1 hours.

  • Until 2019, the candidate had to attempt the questions from the General Knowledge section also. However, that is no longer in the SNAP exam pattern.

  • There will be a total of three sections, including General English, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency in the paper.

  • The section General English will be split into some other subsections such as Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning along Verbal Ability.

  • For each correct answer, 1 mark will be given to the candidate on the contrary 0.25 marks will be deducted from each incorrect answer.

  • No marks will be deducted for any unanswered questions on the paper in the entrance test.

  • Candidates must know that the total number of questions from the sections of Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency are 20 in each section whereas the section of Analytical and Logical Reasoning contains 25 questions in total. Furthermore, the section General English consists of 15 questions.

  • As per the SNAP 2021 exam pattern, the candidate cannot get any unusual questions from any section except the section of Quantitative, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency of the paper in the entrance test.

With all the new changes and the exam being completely online, the ball is in the candidate’s court. There are fair reasons why SNAP 2022 should be one of the preferred management exams for the year 2022. Few of them being –

  1. Level of difficulty – Moderate. Especially in comparison to CAT, it fares out easy. Furthermore, the types of questions asked are on similar lines after the changes introduced. Thus, the groundwork required for SNAPis reduced.

  2. Lesser confusion – There is a fixed marking scheme with specific marks for correct and incorrect answers.

  3. Limited number and type of questions - Only multiple-choice questions are asked, unlike other MBA management entrance exams where subjective questions are also there.

  4. No sectional cut-offs – Many students face constraints in the admission process due to sectional cutoffs. This is the most premium prospect of SNAP in that there are no sectional cutoffs.

  5. Staple Sections – As laid out in the exam pattern, the question paper will have three sections- Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, And Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability.

Let’s take a look at the colleges that accept the SNAP scores!

  • SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management), Pune

  • SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development), Pune

  • SIIB (Symbiosis Institute of International Business), Pune

  • SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management), Bangalore

  • SIOM (Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management), Nashik

  • SICSR (Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research), Pune

  • SIDTM (Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management), Pune

  • SIMS (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies), Pune

  • SIMC (Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication), Pune

  • SCIT (Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology), Pune

  • SIHS (Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences), Pune

  • SSBF (Symbiosis School of Banking and Finance), Pune

  • SSSS (Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences), Pune

  • SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management), Hyderabad

  • SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management), Nagpur


To conclude, Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is one of the gateways to top MBA colleges in the country. With the aforementioned advantages, it should be on the aspirant's go-to list. However, one must apply for all the exams as we never know what might work out and what just might not.