Perks and Advantages of Being a Lawyer

Perks and Advantages of Being a Lawyer

LAW Entrance | AILET | 20th July 2022

Perks and Advantages of Being a Lawyer

Today whilst I was doing my case study, my 15-year-old niece asked me a question - What are the perks of being a lawyer? Honestly, earlier if anyone had asked me this question, I don't think I would have been in a position to answer this, but, after being in the legal profession for 6 good years, I have realized that it was the best decision I had ever taken. The biggest lesson I have learned in law is that “You will learn how to learn”.

Whenever law students graduate from law school they have the attitude to figure out anything. A career in law is a package of prestige, network building, challenges, opportunities, and money. To date, I haven't seen a single lawyer who is not able to meet his or her needs.

Various law entrance tests can provide you with an opportunity to grab a seat at the best law schools. Exams like CLAT, AILET, BLAT, SLAT, etc. are the stepping stones for success in law. To be honest, if any student wants to have a great law career they need to possess certain skills and a specific body of knowledge. To build these one needs to have a strong backing of a reputed law school because they can offer fair education and opportunities to students at their initial stages. A decent score on any of the law entrance tests will help you join a good law school and henceforth a great law career.

Characteristics like nobility and prestige have earned respect and consideration from the lawyers in society. If you ask me why one should study law? I would say that law is fascinating and personally fulfilling. Many consider it to be fundamental to Life and Liberty. Let’s take a quick tour of all the perks and advantages of law as a career:


Awareness of Rights and Responsibilities as a Citizen of a country:

The most fundamental advantage of studying law is it makes you aware of your rights and responsibilities. It gives a clear understanding of why a certain regulation exists and provides the power to introduce amendments and solutions regarding the various legal issues of society.


Variety of career options:

The best part of pursuing a law course is that it doesn't limit you towards an option. Instead, dozens of options are opened for law students after graduation, apart from the legal industry. Industries like academics, politics, commerce, etc. also require legal skills and knowledge. One can choose their path according to their interests and future requirements. Even within the legal field, there are several career options like - lawyer, judge, arbitrator, legal advisor, compliance analyst, paralegal, etc. You just have to identify your interest and choose accordingly.

Government jobs like civil and military services also demand a law degree for selection.


Financial Aspects:

Well, Financial rewards are one of the top advantages of any job. Fortunately, the law provides money along with passion. It is a very well-paying profession. Initially, it may not guarantee a massive amount of money but gradually it is going to bring good fortune. Depending upon the role one is performing as a litigator, advisor, or counselor, lawyers get paid accordingly.

In India, the general range of criminal lawyer charges for drafting and appearance in court is Rs. 25,000-30,000, and a corporate lawyer charges 40,000-50,000 for the same. This is for freshers who have just graduated from law schools, experienced professionals can charge even up to lakhs. Here, the pay is directly proportional to the experience and reputation one builds.

The famous defense lawyer Ram Jethmalani has charged Rs.40 lakh for an appearance in court.


Prestige and Respect:

There is no other position in India where the word 'Honourable' is used as a prefix while addressing someone. Only law provides that prestige to the judges and when it is administered, that feeling is surreal. Lawyers enjoy high esteem in society as they administer justice. People respect legal professionals because they have absolute and unconfined powers to help and provide justice to the people of the country. In India whenever a judge enters a room everyone has to stand up till he gets seated. Disrespect towards the judge is regarded as the offense of Contempt of Court in Indian courts.

Although certain etiquette exists, nothing is forced on the public. They do it out of respect for an individual who has earned and maintained the nobility of his profession.



When we talk about opportunities, the list is endless here. Law student starts getting opportunities from excellent platforms right from their law schools. National law University has collaborated with various national and international organizations that provide internships and jobs to their students. Many NLUs students have represented their colleges in moot courts and debates at international levels.

Although the competition is pretty high in this field, if you are skilled and knowledgeable no opportunity can get out of your hands easily.

Representation of eminent personalities not only gives you strong network building but also recognition at the national level. Government representation in various departments can be a stepping stone for the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


Social Change:

Social change comes when we are aware of the lacunae in our society. Lawyers who have studied the constitution and other laws properly know exactly where that is and can bring a lot of change in society by bringing amendments. Victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse, forced labor, etc. who are not able to voice their opinion or fight for their rights can be represented by public interest lawyers. Many law students are advised in their initial law school years to join an NGO so that they get a basic understanding of what changes our society needs.

Human rights lawyers like Vrinda Grover, Meenakshi Arora, and Indira Jaisingh are some of the super-advocates who have fought against all the evils of society and brought much-needed changes to our country.


Considering these factors one can make their decision whether they want to pursue a career in law or not and can make the right choice!