Children’s Day Blog by a “Grown-Up”

Children’s Day Blog by a “Grown-Up”

14th November 2022

It’s Children’s Day today! And I’m sure all the little ones’ are enjoying a long weekend while the elders are “enjoying” their Monday writing about it and celebrating the day with a nostalgic feeling filled with nothing but all of those blessed childhood memories from their lives. We do tend to grow up physically, but relate with me honestly and tell me how many of you have actually grown up mentally? Sure, there are most times where we act mature and all grown up. But, there must’ve been a thousand immature thoughts behind that one mature thought/decision/opinion. Am I right? Or am I right? *Just a Minion with an opinion*


Such is the case where we are today, the child in us lost somewhere just in the fog of our own thoughts. It lives and dies within us overthinking about what others might think about our immature or childish behaviour and judge us. Because I think that growing up is more of a compulsion rather than a choice. Do let me know if you think otherwise or have any other comment regarding it, but that’s what it seems it to be as far as adulting is concerned. We grow up under the shadows of our elders telling us what to do and what not to do, setting epic examples from our ancestors to others, make us choose a suitable profession, a worthy career out of it, and lead a “happy” life to get retired at the age of 60, while we look back at it, surrounded by the choices we’ve made and how we turn up to become the same ‘elders’ where guide our young beloved successors to become the better versions of us as well as themselves.


This Children’s Day, we encourage you to motivate yourself and the inner child in you to spread the ultimate positivity in and around the world. Yes, I know I’m being too ambitious here but we can start with our little world surrounded by the society we live in and moreover our own families and houses. You, as an adult or a growing professional have the ability to boost the confidence of the young ones around you to be the person they are dreaming of becoming. We wish you all a Happy Children’s Day and that you fulfil all your achievements in life and set an example for the little ones!