“127 Hours” to CAT Exam!

“127 Hours” to CAT Exam!

MBA Entrance | CAT | 18th November 2022

In the movie 127 hours, we see the protagonist who clearly is a cocky mountaineer and has quit his engineering life to go canyoneering somewhere in Utah, USA. Aron Ralston is a 27 year old man who knows how to climb, how to hike and he clearly looks confident enough to know his way around when he finds and guides a couple of hikers lost on their way. On his way through the canyon he meets with a brutal accident where he finds himself stuck in between a rock and a hard place as he falls down deep into the gapped ground. The accident is so sad to watch as a viewer that you can only have sympathy since you know he cannot do anything but wait for a slow and an unworthy death, as he describes his life and tries to use the resources he has with him. After a long haul, Aron Ralston keeps a very decent composure during his time at that place. He gets the fact that there’s nothing he can do but wait patiently for his death as that’s the only thing he can look forward to with no water to drink, he comes across a ultimate vision which awakes him and motivates him to plan his unexpected escape from death and the hard place that he’s stuck in. He clearly knows that waiting for death and then eventually dying such an unworthy death is so not him. He has more in life to live for and hence he decides to get away anyhow to live his young life ahead! Ultimately, after a gritty 127 hours since the incident, he finally decides to do the unexpected with the things that he’s already carrying with him.


In the movie, we notice 2 very important characteristics of the protagonist, Aron Ralston where you see that (1) He’s arrogant or in simple words a cocky, risky, confident and a bold adventurer who has complete trust on his skills and abilities. And (2) where he’s logical, and practical enough to sacrifice his skin and bone to save his own life. So here, you can observe, the first characteristic gets him into trouble, while the second one gets him out of it.


We see and come across such types of students in the examination hall as well -


(1) When they get overconfident enough to think they know answers to all or most of the questions that can get them marks. These are the type of students that act confident or rather a tad bit risk-takers while attempting the exam and only to realise that they’ve taken their preparation very lightly once they start. This is a very bold move in our opinion as you must be completely ready for what might or might not come your way. To trust your abilities is a good thing but to be completely reliable on them, even for the worst is another. Be wise, gentlemen! And always have a humble approach!


(2) These are the type of students who act completely logical in their approach of preparation for the exam as well as have the knowledge to give whatever it takes to crack it with a high score! They tend to be gritty and are ready to utilise as many resources as possible to get their achieved score. Now that doesn’t at all mean that you have to gain the objective by hook or crook. Here, you have to keep an ethical mindset and have passion in your performance always! Only then you can overcome your ultimate goal, to crack the exam with your aimed score.