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Campus recruitment test

Campus recruitment test often referred as CRT in short is the test for any placement process in an on campus or off campus recruitment. Campus recruitment test is mandatory for students from various streams including engineering and MBA.

Why CRT?

CRT is a common aptitude based test which helps the recruiter decide whether a candidate is suitable for a particular job or not. CRT comprises of multiple sections which are discussed below:


Aptitude test is one of the preliminary tests for the CRT. It is eliminating in nature. Aptitude test includes questions from Quantitative ability, Logical reasoning and Verbal ability.

Quantitative section includes topics such as-

Number System, Average, Percentage, Ratio, Time, speed and distance, time and work, Profit and loss, Interest, Geometry, mensuration and other Quant topics.

LR and DI-

LR questions are there in a CRT to check your ability to connect various missing links with the help of logics and elimination. Whereas DI is simply there to check if you can handle data in bulk amount represented in a graphic form and if you can take actionable information out of that data.
LR section includes these topics as their bases to form complex questions- Direction and Distance, Order and Ranking, seating arrangement, Blood relation, analogy, Dice, Calendar, Clock, verbal and nonverbal reasoning.

DI consists following types of questions: Bar Graph, Line Graph, Tabular DI, PIE Chart and Mixed DI

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

VARC section tests your ability to read and comprehend the given information in English language. You should possess a good command over vocabulary, Grammar and Reading section in order to secure good marks in the preliminary aptitude based test.

Group Discussion

GD is one of the most crucial part of CRTs. Even if you have a very strong aptitude and technical knowledge, you might get disqualified if you are not able to impress the moderator in the limited amount of time you get.

Case Study:

Case study is the latest addition to CRT processes. In a case study you’re normally given a booklet containing data regarding some topic. You’ve to study the whole case carefully and then have to answer the questions at the end of the case study. If there’s a case study in the process then, there’s a very good chance that you will have an interview specially for that case study where you will have to justify your answers. If you’re new to case studies, practice some beforehand and work on your guesstimates.

Technical Interviews

Each recruitment process has a technical interview round which is usually the last round. In this last face to face round you have to prove that you possess the necessary technical aptitude to work in the industry or you’ve the learning capability. Sometimes just knowing the logics takes you through it smoothly. Sometimes even knowing everything doesn’t help. Find the middle grounds. You’ll have a good one in your pocket.

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