Shreya Srivastava

Campus Placement (CRT)

My name is Shreya Srivastava and I am an MBA in HR from Symbiosis International University, batch 2009-11. I have work experience of around 6 years working as a trainer and faculty pertaining to my field i.e. MBA. For me, training was a career that I opted for by choice. I am a talker and a listener, but more importantly, I like to help people. I have been an avid reader for a long time and my love for the language has made me gravitate towards teaching as a career. While I was preparing for my MBA, I understood the importance of proper guidance, and this is what has persuaded me into this field. I wish to share my knowledge and help benefit others through my teaching. My area of interest lies in the Verbal Ability and Verbal Reasoning. I have learnt through the years that there is no dearth of knowledge in the world if one wants to learn. On a side note, I enjoy cooking and tasting different dishes. I love to cook for my daughter, who is as of now my biggest fan.

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