Karan Bagadiya

Campus Placement (CRT)

My name is Karan Bagadiya. And my passion, interest, and expertise lies in training people for standardized test-prep examinations, primarily the CAT, GMAT, and GRE. So for the better half of the last decade, I have been formally mentoring students for the same. Set up a strong conceptual base and then strategize to maximize the score. I am a graduate in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kanpur with a 99%ile + in the first attempt on every standardized test including a 99.93%ile on the CAT and a 750 on the GMAT. And now I formally train students, guiding them from start to finish, donning hats of a concept-builder, doubt-solver and most importantly that of mentor-coach. The key aspect of my teaching pedagogy is to hone the reasoning skills of each student - train how to think. Through this process, I strive to unearth each student's full potential with determination, passion, and above all, humbleness.

Programs for Syllabus Completion

Frequently asked Questions

There are some most frequently asked aptitude questions from areas like - Quantitative Aptitude(MCQs on the application of 10th standard and below mathematical problems), Data Interpretation(Charts - Bar, Column, Pie, Tables, and Data Analysis), Logical Reasoning(True/False statements, Arrangements, Selections, Logical Series, etc.) and Verbal Aptitude(Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Para jumbles, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Grammar, etc.).

The campus Recruitment & Training program is a comprehensive training module of about 100 hours (for BE Third/Final Year students). But it may vary for other Graduate students. This training is usually given to last-year graduate students since they have to be prepared to place themselves at a good MNC with a good package at hand.

There is no specific time & date for the Campus Recruitment & Training tests, although it is highly observed that these training modules are prepared for the students when known organizations and MNCs come to their colleges for mass recruitment and placements as job offers.

Now, certain MNCs have certain criteria for students to appear for their Campus Placement drives. For example, they must have a so-and-so percentage in their overall academic results, must have zero or no backlogs in their examinations, etc.

Campus Recruitment & Training program includes topics - Aptitude Tests(Quantitative Aptitude + Reasoning + Verbal), Communication Skills Development, Mock Group Discussions, and Mock Personal Interviews.

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