Salary Perks and Further Advantages after Being a Full-time Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering | SSC JE ME | 31st August 2021

Of all the engineering courses, mechanical engineering is considered one of the most challenging one. Generally, it includes mathematics, physical science, designing and construction of machines. The mechanical engineering students focus more on the practical aspect of the study rather than theoretical study. They construct machines keeping in mind the designing, testing, and development of the theoretical representation drawn for the purpose of construction. This article will further make you clear about options after mechanical engineering. Usually, the automobile industries, construction companies, and other manufacturing industries hire mechanical engineers with good packages and perks. Moreover, there are also many linked career options after mechanical engineering which includes job profiles in automation, aerospace engineering, control, instrumentation specialist, maintenance specialist, etc. One can have advantages on his side if he has acquired good knowledge in physics, applied engineering and mathematics. Moreover, mechanical engineering careers focus on developing technologies to meet the demands of mankind. Everything we use has a touch of mechanical engineering in it to serve humankind.

Career Option After Mechanical Engineering

Once you are done with your degree in mechanical engineering, there are many options waiting for you to compose your career. The major career options after mechanical engineering are:

Automation engineers

Automotive engineers

Aerospace engineers

Nuclear engineers

Combustion engineers

Robotics engineers

Tool engineers

Instrumentation engineers, etc.

The advantages of mechanical engineering lie in the mode of its study, you get to learn more practically in your college as compared to other engineering courses. A career in mechanical engineering gets you a decent salary and other amenities that can lead you to a decent life.

If we talk about the best career opportunity in mechanical engineering, then Aerospace and Automotive engineers are considered the most paid mechanical engineers. Aerospace engineers work for designing and developing space vehicles, satellites, aircraft (civil and military) and weapons. Similarly, the automotive engineers with their immense techno knowledge and commercial skill, design, develop, manufacture vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, bikes, etc. by means of computer-aided designs and bring them on the automobile market floor. They need to stay updated on safety and health regulations, including sanitation and how close the automated systems will be to people.

Advantages of Career in Mechanical Engineering

The work of a mechanical engineer involves from a nominal toy to big machinery which helps further in the mainstream society. The stream of mechanical engineering is so broad that post-degree you can join a variety of manufacturing sectors. Apart from joining huge companies, practical knowledge can also help you get established as an entrepreneur. You can easily step into the market with your designs and work independently on a variety of projects. One can also apply for government jobs in PSUs. Moreover, UPSC conducts the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) to recruit candidates in the technical and managerial posts under various departments under the government of India. The candidates who are recruited as mechanical engineers through UPSC ESE are appointed as bureaucrats in Grade ‘A’ Cadre in various departments of the government. They are acquainted with various governmental amenities and perks like government quarters, health allowances, travel allowances, etc. 

Salary and Perks to the Mechanical Engineers

The pay scale of mechanical engineers depends upon the place and designation they work. The different sectors of mechanical engineering posts have different pay scales. Similarly, every government-appointed mechanical engineer is paid in accordance with their Grade. ESE Salary for Mechanical Engineering post is prescribed by the UPSC in its official notification. The ESE ME Salary covers the basic pay, perks and allowances, amenities, career growth, and other remuneration that one will get after being appointed into the UPSC ESE mechanical engineer post. The basic salary for an ESE officer is around Rs. 15600 – Rs. 39100. Moreover, the salary of a mechanical engineer after joining any PSU such as ONGC, IOCL, NTPC, etc. varies from 55,000-60,000 INR which an employee gets in hand. It is expected to increase by 30% to 40% upon commencement of the 7th pay Commission. However, the perks you get at PSU are enormous. You will be entitled to housing facilities in their township, if not, you will be provided with house rent allowances. The employees as well as their dependents are medically covered. Loans for homes and vehicles are provided at a very nominal rate. Just after joining you will be entitled to buy new phones and laptops for which you will get your money reimbursed. Similarly, there are lots of perks and privileges which will make you comfortable enough that you start feeling good with your work.

Since we already have discussed earlier that the companies pay salaries as in accordance with the job position and the given nature and profile of work. Some of the top-paying companies are:

Godrej Group

General Motors

Bosch India

Larsen & Toubro Limited

Tata Motors

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Maruti Suzuki



Schneider Electric, etc.

As for the PSUs, the companies also benefit their employees with all such perks like rent allowance, a decent salary, medical claims, comfortable workspace, etc. The amount of salary depends upon the work profile of the employees. Also, they get paid bonuses, festive allowances, and other leave benefits.


Mechanical engineering is considered one of the widest engineering disciplines. A candidate with a knack for designing and developing machinery, tools and technical knowledge of analytical tools can make a full-fledged and lucrative career in this broad engineering field. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a related field is usually the minimum educational level that employers will consider for Mechanical Engineer positions. Most engineering programs involve a degree of study in an engineering speciality, alongside courses in design, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and hands-on laboratory classes. Computer skills are also vital to the Engineer's education. Thus, a mechanical engineer can do wonders in his career if he/she hits the right spot.