Civil Engineering -What is it? Why Study it? What are the Benefits?

Civil Engineering | SSC JE CIVIL | 22nd September 2021

What is Civil Engineering?

While walking on the road have you ever wondered who all had made these roads, buildings, bridges and systems? Who manages the water system in our homes and what happens to the water post our usage? The answer to your questions is Civil Engineer. The profession generally involves facilities and installations that are required by the people. In civil engineering jobs, engineers plan, design, construct, maintain and supervise infrastructures like highways, bridges, tunnels, buildings, airports, sewage systems and other water treatment facilities. The job majorly involves civil construction and protection of public and environmental health through improving existing and building new infrastructure. They make sure that sewage created by society is treated properly before it is sent back into the environment.

As per the report of Global Market Insights, the civil engineering market is expected to grow up to USD 11 trillion by 2025, creating many civil engineering jobs in the future. If we compare the civil engineering branch vs other branches, it is a more sensitive and environment-oriented branch as they are concerned about the impact of the work they do as civil engineers as it affects people directly.

Why Study it?

The answer to the question as to why study civil engineering is, simply to create such an infrastructure development that will cater to the needs of the society. A civil engineering career is suitable for all those who are creative and skillful enough to build huge infrastructure buildings with a view to keep the environment safe. The profession is tightly connected with the use of innovative technologies, now we have technologies like CAD, BIM, VR and AR that allow building huge skyscrapers, smart highways, high-speed hyperloop transport systems, and massive hydro-electric dam projects.

The main reason to study this course is because of the career opportunities in civil engineering. Urban engineer, geotechnical engineer, environmental engineer, construction engineer are some of the specializations that offer great job opportunities after graduation. Civil engineers get to apply Math and Physics in the real world with maximum efficiency. So students interested in ecology, finance, law and ethics can opt for civil engineering as their career option.

Many top colleges and universities offer undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in civil engineering. Aspirants can take admissions in these colleges by giving entrance examinations like JEE Main, GATE, BITSAT, MHT CET. Post giving these exams aspirants pursue a four-year integrated course. People can even get an online civil engineering degree from reputed colleges through various diplomas. The basic requirement to study civil engineering is to pass 10+2 with a minimum of 45% and with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as compulsory subjects.

Top Engineering Colleges

Here is a list of some of the top colleges for civil engineering:-

  • IIMT, Noida
  • IIT, Madras
  • IIT, Delhi
  • IIT, Bombay
  • IIT, Kanpur
  • UEM, Jaipur
  • SRMIST, Chennai
  • IIT, Kharagpur
  • IIT, Roorkee
  • IIT, Guwahati
  • NMIS, Mumbai

Benefits of Civil Engineering

If you are planning about civil engineering as a career option, then there are certain advantages that you should be aware of before moving forward with this career path. Some of them are as follows:-

Contribution to the SocietyWorking as a civil engineer would provide you with an opportunity to flex your skills and creativity to the world. The best job for civil engineers is to contribute towards development and urbanisation and make this society a better place to live in. Without civil engineers, our society would not work efficiently. Civil engineers design and develop roads, buildings, bridges and other structures etc, that makes our functioning as a society easy and reliable. Through civil engineering jobs, you can build and develop infrastructure nationally and globally with high salary packages.

Team leader Being a civil engineer you get an opportunity to be a team player and leader, you learn skills of managing and getting work done which is difficult to learn otherwise without a team. As no infrastructure is the same and monotonous, there is a huge variety and creativity of work in the field of civil engineering. Network connections are yet another advantage of civil engineering jobs, you get to meet and work with various people and the exposure you gain out of it would help you in building your portfolio better.

High Salary PotentialThe best thing about a civil engineering course is they provide you with amazing salary packages. If we take an average estimation of the salary of a civil engineer, a fresher in civil engineering can earn 4-5 lakh per annum as a starting package, this package keeps on increasing with more experience and skills. The greatest advantage is that this profession is not location-oriented, after getting a degree in this branch, engineers can apply for jobs anywhere in the world. As every country spends crores and crores on its infrastructure and development, there is never a recession in civil engineering jobs. It is indeed one of the best paying jobs in the whole engineering domain.

Companies that Hire Civil Engineers

Some of the top companies that offer civil engineering jobs to freshers are:-


Maytas Infra Limited

TATA Consulting

Afcons Infrastructure Limited

BGR Energy Systems Limited

DLF Limited

>Essar Group


Hindustan Construction Company

Jaypee Group

JSW Infrastructure Limited

KEC International Limited

Punj Lloyd

Anant Raj Industries Limited

Coastal Projects Private Limited


Gammon India Limited

Tantia Construction Limited

Since the last two decades, India has seen rapid development and urbanisation and these countries have contributed a lot to it.

Career Scope after Civil Engineering

The best course after civil engineering is to study masters in any area of specialization in the field of real estate projects and infrastructure. There are many civil engineering jobs also that are offered by various top companies at high packages with roles of structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, site engineers, construction engineers, and professors etc. They are also recruited in quality testing laboratories, military and defence services and as consultants in all branches of design, construction and environmental management.